Selected Work


The Way Cities Feel to Us Now (Maudlin House, 2019)

Cactus (Trident Press, 2018)



Put me on a dog leash and make me eat Taco Bell off the floor – SoBoGhoSo

A Secret Punk and a Prison Crew: An Excerpt from Cactus – American West

Sex Spell for Raven – American West

What Fucking Up Feels Like – Maudlin House

I Can Sleep Here – Philadelphia Secret Admirer

Excerpt from CactusPhiladelphia Secret Admirer

The Way Cities Feel to Us Now – Timber Journal

The Way Cities Feel to Us Now (Audio) – The Talking Book

An Unfolding – decomP magazinE

Los Huevos del Señor – Triquarterly

Log – Pure Coincidence

Ms. Pac Man – Noncanon Press

I’m Sorry That Your Boyfriend is in the Mental Hospital Again – Keep This Bag Away From Children

The Last Time I Almost Had a Threesome – Pithead Chapel

Lemons – Potluck

Bees – Commas and Colons



Mexican Breakfast – Berfrois

A Eulogy for Albuquerque’s Winning Coffee – American West

The American West in Hot Springs – American West

Whales, Wolves, and Environmental Literacy – American West

The New, New West – High Country News

11 Things I Remember About Being a Mormon Missionary – Thought Catalog

My Crazy Ex-Con Neighbor – Thought Catalog

Punx is Hippies – Why Am I Here? #2



Penis Man: An Exclusive Interview with the Viral, Tempe, AZ Graffiti Artist – American West

What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk: An Interview with Zinester and Writer Jessie Lynn McMains – Maximum Rocknroll

You First Real Banned Book: An Interview with Big Bruiser Dope Boy – American West

Interview: Author Noah Cicero on his newest novel, writing process, and favorite Western writers – American West



Inside the Head of… Nathaniel Kennon Perkins – Gut Feelings Zine

“The Way Cities Feel to Us Now” A Book of Short Stories by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins – American Filmmaker Podcast, Ep. 30

“New Writing Movements, Trident Press, Novel on Nebraska Fracking, Costa Rican Crack” – American Filmmaker Podcast, Ep. 2

On Self-Reliance, Mormonism and DIY Punk Culture: An Interview with Writer and Book Publisher Nathaniel Kennon Perkins – American West

I would like to swipe right on your book: Trying to bang down with Cactus by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins – Meow Meow Pow Pow

The Hand Sell: Nate Perkins, Trident Booksellers – Celadon Books

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